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Useful Links
Some of the following links may be helpful to you. You will also find many other links of interest listed at some of these sites. The links are up to date as of February, 2005.

Bruce Crawford's Dickens Website
In anticipation of his exhibit at the Grolier Club in early 2006, Bruce Crawford has developed this website about Charles Dickens. The Grolier Club exhibit displayed an archive of material about Dickens from the collection of John M. Patterson of Philadelphia. The site is informative and wide-rangeing despite the purposed selectivity of its chosen perspective. It is also aesthetically pleasing with numerous illustrations and poignant commentary.

The Brontės
Mitsuharu Matsuoka provides a nice central website with links to many others.

The Lewis Carroll Homepage
A comprehensive site dedicated to the creator of Alice.

The Wilkie Collins Homepage
Paul Lewis's guide to Dickens' friend and collaborator.

Charles Dickens
A link to Finland with a comprehensive view of the Inimitable's works and life.

Charles Dickens' Gad's Hill Place
An off-beat Dickens site.

The Dickens House Museum
The reservoir of English Dickensiana in Dickens' old residence on Doughty Street in London.

The Dickens Page
The grandmother of all Dickens pages, wonderfully maintained by Mitsuharu Matsuoka at Nagoya.

The Dickens Project
The major academic site dealing with Charles Dickens.

David Perdue's Charles Dickens Page
A wide ranging website dealing with many aspects of Charles Dickens, personal, biographical, literary and critical.

The George Eliot Website.
A link to this Victorian scholar, created by the Victorian Web.

Gilbert & Sullivan Archive
A useful site on this pair.

The Thomas Hardy Resource Library
In addition to its own view of the life and works of Hardy, this site accesses information about Hardy available on the web.

Chris Redmond's Sherlockian Holmepage
Provides access to most websites dealing with Sherlock Holmes.

Victorian Web
Important information on Victorian literature and social issues.

Federal Express on the web
Track your shipments through the Federal Express web site.

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