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Our Online Bookshop
Here is a list of some items from our current inventory. Some of the categories contain a substantial amount of data and may take a moment or two to upload. We appreciate your patience and hope you find the descriptions informative and helpful. If you do not find your item of interest, please call on us by phone, fax, e-mail or letter with an inquiry. Our inventory is large and we may have just what you are seeking. Please be sure to review our Store Policies before ordering.


New Acquisitions
All new additions to our stockroom will be added here and left here for about six to eight weeks before being introduced into our specific stockroom categories. All the previous additions to New Acquisitions have been distributed to the other categories. A fresh group of New Acquisitions has just been added (Catalogue 28). We are preparing a new list of acquisitions to upload here. We welcome your searching or browsing. Please return soon.

Special Offerings
From time to time, we will call attention to an item or more that we are currently offering for sale and might be of special interest to you.

Charles Dickens and Dickensiana
Charles Dickens was arguably the greatest English novelist of the Nineteenth Century. Despite his criticism of America, he was at least as popular here as in England and there was great commotion about the publication of his works in America. Some of his books, like "The Mystery of Edwin Drood," have fostered an entire literary industry. We offer a very large assortment of primary and secondary material on Dickens, including many of the American first editions, generally scarcer than the English Firsts. Because this large set of offerings can be unwieldy, we have broken it up at random into several pages of Dickens and Dickensiana. Be sure to look them all over.

Dickens, Page One

Dickens, Page Two

Dickens, Page Three

Dickens, Page Four

Dickens, Page Five

Dickens, Page Six

George Cruikshank and Colleagues
We're especially fond of the illustrations of George Cruikshank and of other witty and talented illustrators of the nineteenth century, such as the other Cruikshanks, Gillray, Robert Seymour, Alfred Crowquill, John Leech et al. We try to accumulate a representative sample of their work.

G. K. Chesterton
Although Chesterton is somewhat out of fashion these days, his literary criticism, particularly about Dickens and other mid to late nineteenth century authors, is incisive, witty, and among the most cogent ever. A master, too, of the mystery genre, particularly through his Father Brown stories, Chesterton had a wide range in his writings. These works tend to make his sometimes very bigoted and sententious commentary irrelevant to his real, major impact. A revival is very much in order.

As America struggled through the 19th century to codify its principles and the democratic foundation of its society, there appeared a rich body of work in political and social thought. This work was expressed in the literature of the period, the public documents, narratives, biographies of both public leaders and common men, in formal writings and in the ephemera of the robust and exuberant society. Here we present a sampling of our holdings in this area.

Astronomy, Physics and Other Sciences
In the 19th and 20th centuries, there were revolutionary developments in all the natural sciences, changes that continue today. Biology, evolution, physics, astronomy, cosmology, chemistry, etc. have all partaken of this history. We enclose some of our holdings in this area. It is striking how the ideas of the 19th century permeated the thinking of the general public, while the 20th century, with its increasing specialization and complexity of ideas, has isolated much of the public from a core appreciation of these concepts. This change is reflected in the publications of the past 200 years. Oh, for the likes of a Darwin or a Faraday today!

Both England and America, but not they alone, saw a great flourishing of literature through the 19th century. The novel matured from its epistolary structure and, as seen for example in Charles Dickens, from the picaresque (as in Pickwick Papers) to the fully plotted dramatic writing (Bleak House and Our Mutual Friend). Expository writing, poetry, the drama and other genres underwent development. American literature also flourished and matured impressively. Here we present a selection of our holdings in English and American literature of the 19th century. The history of the book as a physical object and of the publishing industry are also highlighted by works of this century.

The history of medicine is full of remarkable people and remarkable ideas, many substantial and some near idiotic even in their contemporary context. Alas, the current era is not much changed in this regard. We offer a variety of books, pamphlets and dissertations which illustrate these developments and practices cogently.

American humor, especially up to and including Mark Twain, was a very individualistic genre, perhaps even a bit unruly, like the intellectual and political history of this country. This form of humor, especially in caricature, persists to the present. In this section we present some of our offerings in this fascinating area.

We have many volumes not readily falling into the categories above. We present some of them in this section.

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